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Google Search from Linux Terminal (Googler)

Google Search from Linux Terminal (Googler)

You can now Google search through your Linux terminal, i.e., by using Googler. Here is the process of using it on Ubuntu.

To install it in Ubuntu, first make sure you have Python version 3.3 or later, by using the following command:

python3 --version


If the version of Python is not correct, upgrade it. Googler requires Python 3.3+ to run.

Thought Googler is not available through the package repository on Ubuntu, we can easily install it from the GitHub repository. All we have to do is run the following set of commands:

cd /tmp
git clone
cd googler
sudo make install
cd  auto-completion/bash/
sudo cp googler-completion.bash /etc/bash_completion.d/
sudo googler -u


And that’s it. Googler is installed along with the command auto-completion feature.

After installing it, just run the command ‘googler’ and start searching on Google.

Reference: google-cli

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